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Market Philosophy

Many have trading goals, some even have trading rules, but few have a trading philosophy. Our philosophy is ‘trade the market, not the account’. Trading the account is analogous to ‘trying to make money’ with little thought to capital preservation, which often results in forced trades and situations unfavorable to the trader. Trading the market is analogous to ‘trying to be on the right side of the market’, which results in planned trades and situations which tend to be more favorable to the trader.  Most importantly, trading is not predicting.  Trading is identifying opportunities, executing opportunities, and limiting risk.

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Trading Style 

We specialize in price action strategies and swing trade setups.  Trade setups are determined by a combination of technical events.  Technical events include inside bars, pin bars, fakey setups, outside bars, support/resistance holds, support/resistance breaks, support/resistance re-tests.  Interpretation of price pattern through price action strategies and trend analysis, with focus on good money management rules.

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Trading Process

Trades/potential trades are designated as active, pending, or watchlist.  Most trades that become active will first appear on the watchlist as an idea, move to pending when trading levels are identified and become active when those levels are triggered.  This process ensures that

1.) Trades are the result of a planned decision process and

2.) Subscribers know what to expect which decreases the risk of missing trades.


Embrace the trading philosophy with Bamboogrowth.co.za

Having a trading philosophy is like holding a key to a chest with diamonds. Trading theory is a good thing to know, but trading philosophy is what makes traders successful.  At Bamboogrowth.org your objective is to  develop your own market philosophy and use it to:

  • identify risks;
  • analyze risks;
  • tame the risks;
  • turn risks into your opportunities;
  • grasp opportunities;
  • navigate through the complicated world of Forex trading;

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Everyone can become an expert in Forex trading.  Your experience level matters little, compared to your discipline, effort and passion!

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