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Trade Size

Only you know your financial situation and goals and only you can decide how much you are comfortable risking.  However, we do suggest trade size for each setup. We risk 2% per trade, if we do change that on any trade we will let you know.  Please read our money management rules


We present  ideas throughout the day and suggest that you use that information to trade in a manner that is consistent with your methodology.  We also provide ‘official trades’ (see below example) with exact entry and exit levels that are meant to last several days in duration (when they work…losers are out quickly).

On average, 20-30 trades a month are entered via a forex signal email/sms with detail explanation why we are taking the trade, with clear stop loss and take profit placements. If we do change the stop loss/take profit we will update it on the Trades Pro page

We will update our trades daily under 3 categories:

Active Trades

Pending Trades


See below our free setups  (click on the pair to go to the signal link)

Example Pro Active Trades

Date ActivePairDirectionEntryStopTarget(s)Trade Size
8 September, 2016AUDUSDShort0.77100.77500.75002%
13 October, 2016EURCADShort1.46401.47201.44002%

Example Pro Pending Trades

PairDirectionEntryStopTarget(s)Trade Size

Example Pro Watchlist

Pair DirectionNotes
EURUSDShort1.1260 resistance area
NZDUSDShortRetest of Triangle breakout